Friday, 22 July 2011


We had a pair of Blackbirds in our garden who in May had 3 baby blackbird chicks.We have been helping the new parents by putting out extra food for them and it has been very interesting watching the blackbirds gather the food up in they beak and take it back to the nest for the chicks to eat.Did you know that blackbird chicks are ready to leave the  nest from about 3 weeks old and will continue to be taught and fed on the ground for about 3 to 4 weeks after this the young blackbirds have to fend for they self and the new parents will breed again!The  2 pictures are of  the female and   the male blackbird which always has a yellow beak feeding the young blackbird.The blackbirds trusted us a great deal and would come very close to get more meal worms! which you can buy from most pet shops or garden centre.The young blackbirds go off and find new homes and we often wonder how they are getting on but of course we will never know, but do hope we have giving them a good start in life.We still see the parents who come into our garden looking for more meal worms and we think they have had more chicks so maybe we will see them soon!  The blackbirds also like to watch me dig in the garden and when i go in for cup of tea will come down and take any worms i have dug up!

Monday, 9 May 2011

New reply from Damian Hind M.P

We had anther email from our M.P Damian Hind over the 20 day off rule. We think you should lobby your M.P over this matter at least you can say you did everything you could to stop it. Our M.P is new and is still learning his trade but it does him good to know that we are watching him! Over all Damian is a good M.P and at least he replies to you he also does  listen to what you say.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams and Peter,

Thank you for your further message.

First of all, may I congratulate Peter on his recent successes – and I hope he will be equally successful in the British competition.

I am once again bringing your concerns to the attention of the Minister and seeking his answers to the specific points you have made and  his confirmation that your objections have been noted.

Kind regards,


here is our email to Damian
Dear  Damian 

Home education is undermined by the 20 days the child name stays on a school register  as it is parents in law  who are responsible for seeing that a child receives a suitable full time education.

We ask again where is the evidence that we need this change? Show us?

Why the rush to bring it in via Statutory Instrument?

Why where home educators not consulted about this and only found out about it by chance? In other words the Department for Education was hoping to just sneak it in! Time can always be made to consult!

What is to stop the 20 day rule being extended to say 30 days or 40 days?

Will a child name stay on a private school register  for 20 days if parents says it is home educating?

None of these question have been answered

It must be recorded    by you as our M.P(we can only lobby you) that we are against this change and we know of other home educators as well who do not agree with this change.

If that was the only change in the pipe line I guess home educators could live with it but we have a feeling this is just the start of  attempting to change the law on home education? Thank goodness Peter will soon be 16 and not be affected by any of it.

Peter won  Uxbridge Adult chess open and qualified again for the British Adult chess championship for this yea.r 

Best Regards

Peter Carol Peter

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Peter new FIDE chess grade is 2196

Peter new FIDE Chess grade is 2196 here is the link  http://ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=2275740
Well done Peter! to get an international chess grade you have to play in a chess tournament that is FIDE rated not all chess tournaments are! Peter gained 23 points when he won the Uxbridge Adult chess open and also drew with 2 grandmasters Mark Hebden  and Keith Arkell.

I don't think people understand how hard it is to get your grade to this level it takes a lot of work study reading of chess books which Peter does and then you have to do it on the chess board in a real game where if you slip up you will lose rating points!

Peter wants to become an IM(international Master you need a grade of 2300 and 3 master norms which you can only get in certain events!

Peter still only 15 so hopefully in couple of years he achieve this.

Any one else out their Plays chess or would like to ask question then please leave a comment on here and we will do our best to answer you.

Damian Hind M.P

Damian Hind M.P has sent us an email in which he believe the 20 day rule of child staying on the  school register helps home education! It is quite clear that Damian has not listened to anything we have said to him. Any way here his the email he sent and our reply to him.We think you do have to attempt to lobby your M.P  so that he knows you as the voter do not agree with him and you can know you have done everything you can to try and stop this 20 day idea.

Dear Mr  &  Mrs Williams and Peter

Having discussed this with the minister, as well as reading the Permanent Secretary’s explanatory letter, I must say it seems an entirely sensible move to me.  I am not sure what your objection would be to making such a move by Statutory Instrument.  The Permanent Secretary makes it quite clear that this does not adversely impact the right to home educate – indeed if anything I would have thought at the margin it would strengthen it.


Damian Hinds M.P

Our reply to Damian Hinds

Dear Mr Hinds
The response you have given in no way addresses any of the concerns we and others have made.  It is really just saying trust us and go away.
The truth of the matter is  that this is just the first tiny step in making it more difficult for people to Home Educate.  If as stated in David Bell's letter the aim is to  ensure that any issues  that may have led to the parent withdrawing their child from school then surely this change should be given much more thought, consideration and consultation - oh silly us people might have said they didn't agree with it and where would the Department of Education be then!  Government always rushes through things that it knows people won't like hoping that there is no time to object.
As you and/or the Department of Education have chosen not to answer the detailed questions we have asked then we can only assume that indeed ours and others concerns are well founded.  We once again give you the opportunity to answer in detail the concerns  we raised in our email below  and prove that we are wrong.
As our elected MP we must lobby you about the things that are important to us and this subject is very close to our hearts not just for ourselves but for the Home Educators of the future because the way the Education system is going there is going to be more and more of us.
Yours Sincerely
Peter, Carol & Peter Williams
A Home Educating Family

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pictures of our Tortoises enjoying the sun

Our Tortoises enjoying the sun today!
We have 4 tortoises 2 are leopard Tortoises and the other 2 are Horsefield
The Horsefield hibernate in the winter and awake in the spring! The leopards do not hibernate and have to be kept indoors over winter.
The other horsfield is hiding some where in the garden i can not find him to take a picture.

Pictures Peter has taken

Picture by Peter

Hi every one have not blog for a while as we have been so busy with Chess and other projects.We have been spending a lot of time in the garden geting the vegetables  plot ready. This year we are growing runner beans and broad beans.
Peter won uxbrigde Adult chess open a very strong event and also got 23 FIDE rating chess points his new rating will be 2199 only 1 point short of becoming candidate master!

hope you all like the pictures Peter took of the animals the thrush was in our garden this year when we had snow and it still visits us looking for grapes we sometimes put out.
Do leave us a comment so that we know some one is still following us!

Friday, 11 February 2011

New Letter from Mr Nick Gibb M.P(Minister of State for School)

Today 10 February 2011 We have had a new letter from Nick Gibb M.P(Minister of State for Education) We leave it up to our readers to decide what you think of Nick Letter!  see below!

Dear Mr.Mrs and Master Peter Williams

I am Replying as Minister of State for Schools to your email of 31 January following my letter of 26 January.I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the correspondence that  you have received.

In your email you state you have not encouraged others to raise FOIs about Ms Penny Jones as set out in my Letter of 26 January.I have looked further into this matter and I am satisfied that the assertion made in my letter was correct.

I do of course,take your complaint seriously.If you wish to send the Department a formal complaint,you will find the complaints procedure on our website at

Yours Sincerly

Nick Gibb M.P