Friday, 22 July 2011


We had a pair of Blackbirds in our garden who in May had 3 baby blackbird chicks.We have been helping the new parents by putting out extra food for them and it has been very interesting watching the blackbirds gather the food up in they beak and take it back to the nest for the chicks to eat.Did you know that blackbird chicks are ready to leave the  nest from about 3 weeks old and will continue to be taught and fed on the ground for about 3 to 4 weeks after this the young blackbirds have to fend for they self and the new parents will breed again!The  2 pictures are of  the female and   the male blackbird which always has a yellow beak feeding the young blackbird.The blackbirds trusted us a great deal and would come very close to get more meal worms! which you can buy from most pet shops or garden centre.The young blackbirds go off and find new homes and we often wonder how they are getting on but of course we will never know, but do hope we have giving them a good start in life.We still see the parents who come into our garden looking for more meal worms and we think they have had more chicks so maybe we will see them soon!  The blackbirds also like to watch me dig in the garden and when i go in for cup of tea will come down and take any worms i have dug up!

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